Racial and Religious Covenants

in the U.S.and Canada


Signatures on Covenant

Chicago Defender Headlines in Wake of
U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Hansberry v. Lee,November, 1940

Racial Clause of 1925 Abstract of Title of Lake County, Illinois Property (In possession of author, with thanks to Raymond Brod of University of Illinois at Chicago for making available a copy)


This WWW page was established in connection with the preparation of a Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Deeds of Mistrust: "Racial Restrictive Covenants in Chicago, 1900-1953" by Wendy Plotkin, completed in 1999 at the University of Illinois at Chicago under the supervision of Perry Duis. All original material by Wendy Plotkin is copyrighted, and permission to distribute such material is not authorized and forbidden without the prior written approval of Wendy Plotkin.

I am happy to correspond with others interested in the topic of racial restrictions in housing in the U.S. and elsewhere. Feel free to contact me at:  wendyplotkin@wbhsi.net

This page was minimally updated on 1 September, 2003, with the majority of material placed prior to 1999.  I hope to update it in the coming year to include materials I’ve gathered while working on the manuscript that will result from the dissertation.  All links to e-mail addresses for myself other than that shown above are obsolete.

I. National

I.1 Covenants

I.2 Sociological Studies of the Ghetto and Race Relations

I.3 Comparison of South African & U.S. Race Relations and Institutions

II. Urban

II.1 Chicago

A. Covenants

  1. Overview
  2. 1920s
  3. 1930s

“Negro Newspapers and Periodicals in the United States .” Washington, D.C. U.S. Census Bureau, 1938 and 1939.

B. Public Housing

II.2 Detroit

II.3 New York City

III. Suburban

IV. Canada

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